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Laria is a Black and White Pintaloosa Overo. She was our second One of a Kind horse that we purchased. She has two blue eyes. When she arrived, after taking a look at her, I believe that she was originally a Design-A-Horse that someone decided not to purchase for some reason or another. She has the same overo pattern that they offer int he DAH pattern (only she has the added etching) -- she also has the same flat blue eyes and large snip.

Though she has no customizations to her base model, she has had her overo pattern etched to resemble a pintaloosa. In addition, her facial marking was originally a large snip that they etched into a stripe and a very realistic star. She is very simplistic, but very beautiful!

Laria is a 2011 One of a Kind Palouse from Stone Horses. She was purchased April 20th, 2011 from Stone Horse's website. Click here to see her original ad.

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